My internship has come to an end. I’ve finished my 6 weeks in Lanark. I can honestly say that I am heartbroken. I have worked really hard to keep this blog as emotion free as possible in an attempt to give you a look into my life without having to wade through all the emotions attached to it. But this time is different. I don’t have anything but my emotions and my memories. I’ll be the first to admit, I couldn’t keep my eyes dry.

I was invited to a goodbye dinner with my co-workers to celebrate the end of my time with them. They are the sweetest people. I think setting aside the traditions that I love and the history that draws my heart in, I will miss the people the most. They are a tiny piece of my heart now. They have imprinted on my life and I will miss them terribly. That’s the downside to being such an emotional person: you get attached too quickly and the pain of separation can be crushing. The people that I’ve meet working and living in New Lanark will be in my heart and mind always. They are a special bunch of humans.

I finished up my work by helping to run the Live at New Lanark event, which is a live music festival in the gardens of New Lanark. It was a smashing hit and I had a blast working it. Afterwards, we went to the pub for a final farewell, as my train left the next morning. I had to leave abruptly because I knew that if I didn’t, I would find a way to stay forever. I’ve traveled north to Inverness, Scotland and then will fly south to London for a few days, and finish up my trip in France for a week. So don’t fear, my blogging days aren’t over quite yet. I just feel like my farewell to Lanark deserves it’s own post. I will miss this small little town that has captured my heart. It has changed my life, changed my career path, changed my perspective of the world, and changed my vocabulary. I wish everyone there the best and hopefully, I’ll see you next September, when my acceptance letter from University of Glasgow’s post-graudate programme arrives in the mail.

To Lanark and all my precious memories. xx


Until next time,