Congratulation. You get two posts in one week. I just have so much to share that I can’t possibly wait any longer!

So my first few days at work were so exciting! I was training and working with my boss Jane on the procedures in New Lanark and I spent my first few days working through the search room, which is the archives and artifacts collection. I started cataloging the current exhibit and labeling the objects already in the search room.

Since I’ve gotten here, I’ve been to 2 meetings, attending a high school dance class, a professional talk about genealogy, and today, I went on a nature walk. It was the most beautiful nature walk I’ve ever been on and I had the most amazing time. The weather was gorgeous, the birds were out ( and reminding me of my crazy bird-loving mother) and the sunshine and breeze was perfect. I took photos that I’ve posted at the bottom. All the photos are from the New Lanark Nature Walk. It’s been my favorite thing so far.

This weekend, I’m traveling to Edinburgh with my best friend Emily, who was studying at the University of Kent this semester and has come to see me! We have a pretty full weekend so I’m sure I’ll have lots of photos to post later!

Until next time,