Well, I’ve arrived! I left Thursday afternoon and arrived at Edinburgh airport on Friday morning. My boss was there to pick me up and she took me to the grocery store so I could buy food and then she brought me to my new home!

Firstly, let me say that the Newark Airport is super scary. People were yelling, I forgot to empty my water bottle before I put it through security, I cracked my brother’s iPod screen more than it already was (Sorry, Jared), and I was carrying 20+ pounds on my back so by the time I got through security (which was a long time because they closed 2 of the 3 international security points down. Everyone was funneled through the remaining one), I was pretty sure you could see my sweat marks through my backpack. I managed to choke down some food (which turned out to be pretty delicious, since I hadn’t really eaten all day). I sat at my gate, made friends with a business man who asked me to watch his stuff so he could use the restroom (good thing I’m not a thief. He had some pretty nice stuff), boarded and was seated next to a man who was traveling to Scotland to play golf at St. Andrew’s, and FINALLY took my Dramamine and slept for most of the flight (Hooray for me!)

When I got to the Edinburgh airport, our flight was 40 minutes early and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what my boss looked like so I wandered around, with my rollerboard and my 20 pound pack and figured “Eventually, I’ll find the courage to just start walking up to people”. I didn’t have to wait long because she approached me and we got all my stuff into the tiny “boot” of her car (I was starting to really feel the jet lag so even though I knew what the word “boot” meant, I still almost laughed.) and she took me home! I bought stuff at the grocery store but it wasn’t until I tried to eat it that night that I realized, in my tiredness, I had only purchased carrots, califlower, and bread. So, I ate carrots, califlower, and bread for dinner my first night in the UK. And then I slept. For hours. And it was glorious.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went on the visitors tour of New Lanark. It was self-guided and actually quite fun. There is a beautiful roof garden on the roof of the building that I will be working in. Additionally, I had met many of the the people who work at New Lanark but it had all happened the day before and because of my jet lag, I didn’t remember anyone’s name. So that a project for me on Monday.  Anyways, I went into the town of Lanark after my tour and just wandered around. I bought a Scottish sim chip for my phone (now I have a super long, oddly spaced phone number. I feel so official!), eat a sandwich while sitting on a bench, went back to Tesco’s for some real food (so basically frozen pizzas, fruit, and pasta.), drank a pint at the tiniest pub I’ve ever been to in my life, and bought myself a bouquet of flowers for my hostel room, which is super tiny and adorable, by the way.

All in all, the first 3 days have been glorious. I don’t feel the jet lag anymore (well, except at night, when I’m laying in bed thinking about stuff because my brain says that it’s still daytime), I’ve been drinking lots of water, and staring out my window a lot because it has the most perfect view of the River Clyde. I’m already in love and I’ve seen less than a third of what this place has to offer. It’s a dream come true and I intend to make the most of these 6 weeks.

Until next time,


The view from the roof garden
The view from the roof garden